Specialty chemicals that are applied in drilling, work over, completion, production and stimulation process. 5 products formelated to produce better results in terms of production with no effects on the environment

Nano Emulsion - capable of reducing interfacial tension

  • Benzene - Toluene – Xylene (BTX) FREE
  • Applied as bio-degreaser
  • Wellbore cleaning chemical
  • Pipe dope remover
  • Asphaltene remover
  • Product stimulation..

Adi®E-KLEEN - removing grease and stubborn contamination. minimum soaking and brushing lows-suds or foam oil and grease stains cleaner.

Adi®PICKLE SPACER - pills replaces the requirement of a multiple stage displacement wash to a single with much shorter cleaning time and lower concentration.

  • Effective in acidic conditions
  • In temperatures up to 120°c.
  • Meets OECD 301 specification.
  • Adi®PICKLE - deep water, HPHT and horizontal application
  • Shorter cleaning time and phase stable over the working period.
Adi®E-FLOW - improving oil flow ability and hard surface cleaning for oilfield applications.
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-toxic friendly
  • Meets OECD 301 specification.
  • Incorporated with organic/ inorganic acids
  • Fresh water
  • Sea water
  • Brines